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Trust for Generations

Vercali is an Indian Pharmaceutical corporation which is established with an intention to provide trust on quality manufacturing of medicines for generations. Vercali is originated from Spanish language Verdad-Trust and Calidad-Quality. Bringing trust on quality for generations is the motto of the corporation.

A Global Sourcing Enterprise

Vercali Pharma is Global Pharma consulting company which facilitate researchers/CRO/Pharmaceutical Companies in accessing products which are not available or approved in the country. Our experience combined with our international network of pharmaceutical drug wholesaler partners makes it possible for Vercali to procure branded Innovator Samples/Reference Listed Drugs for bioequivalence and clinical trials from almost anywhere in the world. Vercali specialized in sourcing branded Innovator Samples/Reference Listed Drugs (RLD) from single/multiple batches in specific quantities as well as ability to supply the products that are unavailable from most suppliers.

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